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Needle Non Stick Electrodes

Needle Non Stick Electrodes

The build-up of carbonised material (eschar) on the electrosurgery tip during surgery is radically reduced with the Non Stick PTFE coated electrodes. The eschar layer prohibits the electrosurgery current being passed throught the electrode necessitating higher output settings which can cause damage to the peripheral tissue. Non-stick electrodes are designed to focus energy on the target tissue making surgical time more productive.

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Benefits of using Dalcross Non-Stick Electrodes:

  • They are frustration free allowing you to focus on the surgery
  • Quicker procedure times
  • Use lower power settings
  • Reduction of peripheral electro surgery damage
  • Less smoke
  • Easier cleaning of the tip
  • Single use
  • Pack of 10
Code Length Tip Type
PMS 2934 152mm long Plain needle
PMS 2935 152mm long Shielded
PMS 2945 100mm long Plain needle
PMS 2946 100mm long Shielded
PMS 2972 70mm long Shielded
PMS 2922 70mm long Plain needle